Frequently Asked Questions about the Aboriginal Moabite Nation

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1. What do I need to do to become a citizen of the nation?

 The Aboriginal Moabite Nation does not offer citizenship. You will, by choice, become an Affiliate. An Affiliate shall become entrusted with all rights and privileges of any Sovereign Nation. Please click here for information on how to obtain a Declaration of Affidavit for Acceptance for Affiliation into the Nation. Understand that each applicant must undergo a thorough background check before acceptance is considered or granted.

2. Do I have to be of a certain religious affiliation?

 No. The Aboriginal Moabite Nation does not require Affiliates to be of a specific religious practice. However, no Affiliate is allowed to attempt to force or coerce his or her religious practices on anyone else in the Nation.

3. Is there a fee involved?

 Yes. There is a one-time processing fee involved in becoming an Affiliate of the Aboriginal Moabite Nation. Click here for more information. Please realize that certain monies are involved in filing paperwork and day to day operations for the Nation. Free Will Offerings and Donations are always greatly appreciated. You may remit such monies to: Aboriginal Moabite Nation

4. Where did the Nation originate?

 The Aboriginal Moabite Nation did not come from any place; it is a re-birth of all that has been for over 4000 years. The origin of the Moabites, as far as can be found, originates in the Book of Genesis. Moab was the son of Lot (nephew of Abraham) and his daughter Lubnah. He is an ancestor of Ruth, the Moabitess, who was the great-grand mother of King David and the great, great-grand mother of King Solomon.

 Biblical records reveal that Moabites were born in Zoar, either in the state of New York or Ohio. At some point, the Moabites were involved in the exodus out of Egypt, which by origin is located in the state of Pennsylvania. Still later, it was revealed that a city was established in the state of Utah. Outside of the few scriptures found in the Torah, and two references in the Koran, the best history concerning the Moabites is found in the Bible. The Bible, as presented to us, to study as being the definitive Word of the Creator, was written in 1611 under the authorization of King James. However, one significant fact stands out that tends to show that the Bible is more recent. This fact is revealed in 1 Kings 10:15, where the name Arabia is mentioned. This can clearly not be fact, because there is proof that the land called Saudi Arabia was renamed as late as the early 1900’s.

5. How did your people get here?

 Prior to the arrival of the first Europeans in America around 1604, the Aboriginal Moabites was a unified monarchical government, living in a highly organized, self sufficient, subsistent social system based on communal  land tenure with a sophisticated language, culture, and religion. Between the years of 1754-1763, the French and Indian War was fought between France (Gaul) and Britain. The war was fought over who was to dominate the upper Ohio Valley. The war ended with the Treaty of Peace in 1763. The Treaty compelled France to cede Canada to great Britain and relinquish all claims to land lying East of the Mississippi, to compensate Spain for its loss of Florida to the British in exchange for Cuba, and France also ceded New Orleans. It can be generalized that America’s peoples end in “an” e.g. MexicAN, CanadiAN, Puerto RicAN, BraziliAN etc. Peoples in Asia end in”ese”e.g. ChinESE, BurmESE, VietnamESE, JapanESE etc. European peoples end in “ish” e.g. BritISH, ScottISH,  EnglISH, SwedISH etc. However, there are variations to this rule.

 That means it was the COPPER-COLORED races of people that Europeans found on these shores. There were NO AmEricans here except our copper-colored brown-skinned people! In other words, if you are not from AmErica’s copper-colored People, then you CANNOT be a True AmErican! AmEricans, are descended from the Ancient pre-Colombian people on AmErica. That means that we were meant to always and forever live and rule with the forests that we were/are an essential part of … the forests that we SPIRITUALLY belonged to, but were removed from then placed into concrete urban jungles. The forests are dying and so are we, because we need the forests and the forests need us. We are what we are and it is time that we say that we are AmEricans. Claiming it will begin to make it come to BE. We will again be always the rulers forever, because when you are melanin- rich/Copper-Colored Brown, and say you are an AmErican, you begin to speak into existence who you are. So, if you want to know your Nationality, then the reply choices are clear. I am an AmErican Autochthon, Autochthonous AmErican, Indigenous AmErican, Aboriginal AmErican, or AmErican Muur. The keyword in each of these terms is AmErican! Again, AmErican means Copper-Colored people of the North, Central, and South Americas, plus her surrounding islands! It is a Nationality, a Race, and a Landmass -- all rolled into one.

6. Why do you have to separate from the US?

 The Aboriginal Moabite Nation is its own Sovereign Nation without borders. Once one understands the US is a corporation embedded within the land of the Aboriginal Moabite Nation, separation is not the goal of the Nation. Rather, accepting the responsibility of managing the affairs of this Nation is the responsibility of all of us, and not of the Corporation, U.S.  It is important that one gains an understanding of who, what, and how the U.S. was established on the soil of the aboriginals, not that the aboriginals are establishing its Nation on US soil … quite the opposite.

 Everyone is a sovereign, divinely created by our Creator. The Creator created each of us in her image (Spirit). As such, she gave each of us sovereignty and free will, subject only to her final judgment. Therefore, each of us is sovereign … up until the point that we voluntarily give it up. Whether through ignorance or voluntarily, when one decides to enter into contracts with another country and votes in another country’s elections, that person gives up his/her sovereignty. The Aboriginal Moabite Nation is a Sovereign Nation and recognizes its Affiliate’s sovereign rights, unlike the corporation known as the UNITED STATES. When your name appears in all capitol letters, that is a fictional (false) presentation of the flesh and blood sentient being (conscious, being aware of self) that you are. Therefore we ask that you regain your sovereignty by filing the proper paper work to withdraw from any and all corporate contracts (e.g. Voter registration and all contracts with only unilateral (one) signature on it.

7. What are the benefits of becoming a citizen of the Aboriginal Moabite Nation?

 The Aboriginal Moabite Nation will have Affiliates rather than citizens. All Affiliates will share equally in the rights, privileges, and resources of the Nation.

8. Am I protected once I am an affiliate of the Nation?

 All Affiliates of the Nation will be protected and will have the rights and privileges of the laws that govern the Nation. The Nation will adhere to the following:

  1. The Zodiac Constitution, Cosmology. (Koran-Sura 15:16)
  2. The Declaration of Independence.
  3. The Camp Holmes Treaty of 1835.
  4. The United Nations Declaration on Human Rights.
  5. The United Nations Declaration of Indigenous Peoples Rights.
  6. The United Nations Declaration on Stateless Peoples.
  7. The United Nations Declaration on Children’s Rights.
  8. The Laws of Nations.

9. May I be employed by the Nation?

 Yes. The Nation will have opportunities for employment through its many Ministries. The Nation will afford all its Affiliates their creature comforts and a very high quality of life.

10. Are there health benefits to be had by becoming an Affiliate of the Nation?

 Yes. The Nation will provide most excellent Health and Wellness services. A specific Ministry will be devoted to maintaining and restoring our Affiliates’  Body, Mind and Spirit to a complete state of wholeness.

11. Do I forfeit my benefits that I receive or I am entitled to by becoming an Affiliate of the Nation?

 No. The Nation is independent from any entitlements from the said Government.  Any benefits, other than WELFARE will not be denied to you. Most monies are being received because of a fulfillment of a contract between you and the said Government. In the cases of WELFARE, the Nation will replace this program with FAMILY AIDE and housing.