The Autochthonous sovereign indigenous Moabites of the land, living natural descendant beings of the divinely created premier ancient aboriginal peoples, have re-united and become one unified body styled and recognized as the Aboriginal Moabite Nation.

Dear friends, keep in mind that "out of evil come good," and when the smoke of battle is cleared away, and when the old is wiped out, there shall come a glorious opportunity to set up the new kingdom and the brotherhood of humanity. Then shall the progress of man continue in a finer and bigger way than ever before, because what humanity desires for itself, it desires for all.

Nations and countries are recognized by the uniqueness of their flag. This nation stands proudly with a flag, which depicts the Phoenix rising from the ashes of the Earth. The flag is representative of the past turmoil and disappointments in its attempts to re-establish itself as a nation among all the nations of Mother G’yia, the Earth.




We, the people of the Aboriginal Moabite Nation, in supreme unified sovereign counsel assembled,  hereby establish truth, wisdom, justice, tranquility, common welfare, prosperity, unity, respect, love, spiritual faith, and return to ourselves and our posterity the divine gift as sovereigns to reign free over all the earth, with humility and gratitude, as given by the Sovereign Ruler of the All, and imploring Its aid and wise guidance in all our actions, we come in peace not as combatants or threats to any other being: do ordain and establish this Constitution for the governance of this Aboriginal Moabite Nation.


The health and success of a nation is a direct correlation to the health of its people.  The Aboriginal Moabite Nation will establish superior health care facilities, hospitals, birthing huts and community centers that will support and encourage good health practices, and will offer excellent service to all of its family members. The major concentration will be to assist the most feeble persons to regain their optimal health status.

It is recommended that we eat our food from no further than 50 miles from where we live. This is best for our bodies!

Disclaimer: The video below is only one example of the many benefits of practicing Natural and Noetic Health. The Aboriginal Moabite Nation has no contact information for ANY of the individuals in the video.