Affidavit for Acceptance for Affiliation

***NOTE: It is necessary to mail a postal money order for the appropriate amount to the Aboriginal Moabite Nation to request an Affidavit for Acceptance for Affiliation; then the office will mail an Affidavit form to you.***

***The Affidavit for Acceptance for Affiliation is NOT available on the web.***

The Aboriginal Moabite Nation proudly announces the processes of requesting an Affidavit for Acceptance for Affiliation!

There is a non-refundable processing fee of $175.00 per adult Affidavit; for children ages 15-17 years of age, the non-refundable processing fee is $90.00


All Affidavits for children 15-17 years of age, the total fee is $90.00.


All fee monies MUST be mailed via Postal Money Order to the Embassy Headquarters:

Aboriginal Moabite Nation

2435 East North Street, Suite 192

Greenville Township, South Carolina Territory near 29615


Every Child ages 15-17 years of age is required to have an individual Affidavit, as well, every adult over 18 years of age MUST have an individual Affidavit. 


Minor children can/should be added to one parent’s Affidavit (there is no fee for children 14 years of age or under).


Everyone desiring an Affidavit must submit the total non-refundable processing fee of $175.00 per adult or $90.00 per youth to the Aboriginal Moabite Nation.  Partial payments will not be accepted.


Once the full FBI Background Check is received by the Embassy, and the Affidavit is approved by the Matriarchal Council, an ID will be issued.


Estimated processing time will depend upon several variables, i.e.: background check, if an individual was born in another country, or traveled to another country, served in any branch of the military, lived in another country. These are examples of situations which may delay the total processing time-line.