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Carolina Republic


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The song you hear playing in the background, Just Be (I AM),  was written after being Commissioned by the Prime Minister of the International Aboriginal Moabite Nation for use on their website. This prompted Alan B© to compose a series of songs, not only for this Nation, but for the World at large. He is currently publishing a new album, "The Naaledge of HUU I AM"

This song draws one in to a Spirit of Peace and Tranquility. It is great for Prayer and Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong ... and just plain old relaxation! It helps to increase your awareness of who you are. The song playing is only an excerpt, as the actual entire song length is approximately 12 minutes.  

You may obtain this song by making a donation of ANY amount. See DONATION button which appears below.

Please fill out form completely, as you will receive a CD in the mail. 

***ALL proceeds will go toward the Maintenance Fund of the Embassy.***

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